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A Life on Fire!

Choose to experience a life on fire!  Tama Kievs

It almost blew me away the other day, this wild south wind that whooshed its way over the land and out to sea in shimmering cobalt ripples.  I hardly could keep myself upright as I forged forward on Marquette’s shoreline path.  It was unsettling, feeling as though I could be lifted up in any moment, and, yet, it was exciting, too, the way the wind blew through my hair, the way the wind blew through my bones, the way I was being shaken up and shaken free. What would it be like to be lifted up by such a wind?!?  On days when the waves are splashing the shore and the wind is blowing in off the Lake, I love to watch the kiteboard guys and gals, as they fly up over the bay.  I feel the rush as they hold on tightly, as they find themselves airborne, as they land again, somehow in one piece.  I’ve been feeling that, this past week, that rush of energy that I envision the kiteboarders must feel.  I’m on fire with a new project.  Actually, it’s a project that has been in the making for several years and now it is coming to fruition.  And I love this feeling, this whoosh of new ideas, of words flying onto the page, of creative playmates showing up, of purpose blowing me forward.

And yet, I don’t want to blow away on an off-shore breeze, don’t want to land, smack, in the middle of a cold autumn sea.  And I don’t want to fly too close to the sun either.  Those kite-sailors, they know what they are doing.  There’s skill involved.  There’s a sense of groundedness in these high-flying risk-takers.  I remind myself of this as I feel my focus starting to scatter like the scarlet leaves of autumn.  “Come back to the ground,” I say out loud.  “Come back to your bones, to that strong container that you know you live in.”  It’s a wild ride to invite this life force through us, and it pays to keep up with the ground-work at the same time.  I’m seeing it as a balancing act.  It’s not a matter of stifling the energy, dampening it down, “putting a lid on it”, an expression that I’m sure I heard more than once as a child.  It’s not a matter of playing smaller than we really are, of pretending we’re not flying through the air with excitement and glee when indeed that’s what we’re really doing.

In yoga, the yoga that I was trained in, we start from the ground up; we start from our strong foundation.  In every asana pose, whether on our backs or while sitting or standing or in table, we find the part of us touching the earth, plug ourselves in, find our alignment.  And then, this whoosh of energy, this wild-wind of life force, it has a strong body home to blow and flow its way through.  And yes, it does settle us down, to ground ourselves like that, to plug ourselves in.  We can sense the quiet underneath the gales of autumn.  We can breathe a little deeper and think a little clearer.  And sometimes, from this grounded place, our inner weather forecast can appear a little calmer, a little less windy.  But not always.  In yoga the other day, as we pressed into the part of us touching the earth, as we envisioned our roots digging deep, as we drew up from the ground exactly what we need, someone in the class piped up, “Can we do Lion Pose?!?”  So that’s what we did.  From this place of deep ease and groundedness, we stuck out our tongues, bulged our eyes, and we roared.  We roared for the fun of it.  We roared for the courage to follow our dreams.  We roared for health and beauty.  And we roared again for the sheer glorious joy of roaring.  And we broke out in laughter.  Speals of laughter.  It was a fun, funny energy that flew up from that grounded place.  Not quiet or subdued.  It was a kite-flying moment of kite-flying energy flying through our grounded bodies.  And I say, seize a moment like that, hold on tightly and enjoy the ride!


Recipe For Walking On Water

Choose a day that is sunny and warm

and a sea that sparkles, a salty sea

and the salt will hold you up.

Fill yourself with the sparkly light and the sea

that is salty so that you become the sea and the sparkles

skimming across its surface

so that you become the breeze

floating your way to a place where the waves,

the gentle waves on this sweet day

kiss the shore.

Then breathe deeply.

It is important to breathe deeply,

to fully inhabit this breeze of a body,

to fully believe in your sparkly light

and that is when it happens, when you reach way up

grab onto the wings of the gulls and you taste the salt

and you hear the song of the ages and you place one foot

in front of the other and you step away from the shore

and the water, the cool-warm-salt-filled-sparkling water,

holds you up — of course it does! Why wouldn’t it! —

and you walk

you walk on water.

















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