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Spring is in the air!

Spring has returned.  The earth is like a child that knows a poem. Rainer Maria Rilke

We opened the windows wide and we heard them; the geese were back, flying overhead in flock after flock after flock.  All Saturday morning, in the bright breezy light, they sailed north on a tailwind, heading home into springtime.  And they called out to us in that song that can’t be put into words.  And our hearts swelled and it made us happy.  And later, while hiking on my favorite trail, I stopped to pick the tender leaves of a dandelion and I ate them, bitter and fresh and wonderful.  And right now, outside my kitchen window, a red squirrel sprawls out beside a white pine, her white belly stretched wide.  She’s pregnant with spring and so am I.  And so, in celebration of this season of birth and rebirth and finding our way home, this season of poems blowing in on a balmy breeze, here are two of my offerings for the day.  Happy Spring!

With One Palm Open

I  allow contentment to soak in.

With the other palm, I beckon some new desire.

A spring breeze blows through me this Easter week,

and I dream of summer,

a cool lake, a loon, a full moon.


The Night I Was Conceived

my parents opened the window wide.

It was April.  I love April, the way the snow crystallizes,

caves in on itself, the way it forms huge puddles,

and it feels good to breathe it in, this melting,

the warm breeze.

The night I was conceived

the peeper frogs called to their mates

and my parents heard them from their garret

bed in the Old House farmstead by the sea.

The night I was conceived

the peepers sang.

The earth loosened.

My parents moaned.


Cam and Tulips: Netherlands, Spring 2010



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