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Spring Winds

Passion does not exist in a job, a relationship or a situation – passion exists inside you.  The way you create your ideal circumstance is by igniting the passion within you, and the place to start is where you are at this very moment.  Srikumer S. Rao

It has been a wild-weather ride this week, especially this past Tuesday when the wind howled through the trees and the lights flickered and the waves splashed into shore with a choppy fury.  I felt it, this wild wind, in the early evening, the way it blew me sideways as I walked the short distance from house to Joy Center.  And, as I approached the Joy Center’s driveway, I noticed the big pottery container standing on the stump by the road was empty.  Darn it, I thought.  Where was the tree?  In December, I had stuffed a sweet pine into that pot and surrounded its trunk with snow, and, all winter, it had been the touchstone, beckoning people to turn off Southwood and into an event at Joy Center.  The tree, that Cam and I were trying to secure by replacing the frozen snow with dirt, hadn’t just toppled over and fallen onto the ground.  It had flown clear across the driveway and landed in a bed of pine needles.  I picked it up, placed it back in the pot, and headed into the first of two yoga classes, knowing that, in any moment, it might sail off again.

It’s like that for us too – we can be tossed around by the winds of change, thrown this way and that by outside circumstances.  We can be pulled right out of our grounded center if we allow ourselves to care more about what other people think than about our own deep-rooted callings.  And that is the difference between us and this sweet little tree that has trouble staying upright.  We haven’t lost our roots.  They are right here waiting for us in every moment to plug them into the ground, waiting for us to feel their strength.  When we are unplugged, we feel like a live-wire, a loose cannon, a tree flying through the air.  When we are unplugged, we easily become overwhelmed by a springtime howling wind.  But when we press our feet into the ground, we feel it, the power that is ours to harness.  The winds become our friends.  The waves splashing the shore bring us alive.  Our inner power does not flicker and die when we feel ourselves rooted; instead, it grows stronger as the springtime surges through us.  Our sap rises and we feel our passion.  New ideas spring up.  New possibilities make their way into our consciousness.  New energy is ours to play with.  When we are plugged in, we say to the Universe, “Bring it on!  All this life!  All this passion!  All this creative fire!”  And when we are plugged in, the Universe indeed does bring it on, and the world becomes our joyous, sometimes raucous, playground.

As the winds rattled Joy Center’s windows, we settled in for the first yoga class of the evening.  That’s not quite true.  We had some trouble settling in.  Our minds were flying all over the place.  One woman mentioned that it was as though the wind had scattered her in a million different directions.  And I could relate.  I felt scattered too.  But there is nothing that settles me as quickly and easily as yoga does.  Lying on our backs and feeling the ground beneath us and allowing the music to flow through us and allowing our breath to deepen – it wasn’t long before our minds made their way into the present moment, before we remembered that we could harness all this energy, that it indeed was ours to play with.  By the time we were upright, bringing those spring winds through us in a series of sunbreaths, the same woman, the one who had felt tossed in a million directions, from a deep grounded radiant springtime place mentioned something about the Beatles.  And as we continued to move from pose to pose, we all began to feel it, a rock and roll raucous windy energy, more Rolling Stones than Beatles, rushing through us.  And it was fun!  It was really fun, feeling alive from the inside out.  Laughing in yoga.  Laughing with the winds.

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