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Letter from Joy Center

Every two months, I send out a snail-mailing, with a brochure of upcoming events and a letter to those on the mailing list.  What follows is the letter from the September mailing:


 The Universe will bring you all that you desire, but you must be able to accept what it brings.   Sonia Choquette


Dear friends,

Accept the gifts of the Universe.  I drew this message today from a deck of Trust Your Vibes cards.  Can it be that easy?  Can we turn off the negative chatter, and tune in to our own inner channel?  Can we listen, full-bodied and spirited, to what it is we truly want, to what makes us feel most alive?  And then, can we relax, get out of our own way, and allow the Universe to bring it to us?

I’ve been saying it lately:  “Bring it on, Universe.  Bring me more – more feel-great abundance, more vibrancy, more fun, more expansive joy-filled opportunities . . .”  It feels bold to put it out there like that.  “I’m ready,” I add.  And I am.  Week after week in yoga, I feel it; I know it in my bones and my breath and my heart.  Life is abundant and there are gifts waiting for us in every moment, and, when we breathe them in, appreciate their sweetness, we open the inner channels for more and more and more gifts to flow our way.  It was like that in summertime yoga.  On soft warm evenings, with the sun flickering through the pines, we lay out our mats on the Joy Center deck and we settled in and the moments expanded and each one was rich and full and the gifts were boundless.  The sky above us opened up and we could feel eternity.  One time, an eagle, a speck of black and white and sunlight high above us, flew by.  Dragonflies zipped this way and that.  Chickadees tweeted, a red squirrel sat on a branch watching us, and a cobweb, strung among the trees, glimmered, delicate and perfect.  No two moments were alike.  At the end of the sessions, the sun that was flickering though the trees as we began was now a streak of peach and fuchsia on the horizon.  Coyotes sang to us and my heart sang with them.  Life is abundant.  The coyotes know it.  The eagle knows it.  And when we go inward and breathe and connect to something deep and wise, we know it, too.

I love Joy Center.  I love that it is a tangible place in this world, a place that we can enter and feel welcome, a place that is inviting and invites us to enter our own inner center where we are always welcome.  And this autumn, Joy Center, is inviting you to participate in a rich cornucopia of offerings.  Check out the brochures so beautifully designed by Stephanie at Globe Printing.  Check out the offerings facilitated by a group of skilled artists/teachers/fellow journeyers eager to share.  From yoga and creativity consultations to art workshops and book-binding classes, from evenings of Write Now! to opportunities to share your own unique voice and expression in Out Loud, from a Fashion Exchange Friday to an evening performance, “More Please!!!.   From sessions of song to sessions of food to sessions of art to sessions of quiet, it is abundance at the Joy Center this autumn and you all are invited.

I also invite you to check out my blog,, where I am having an abundance of fun writing essays on whatever is bubbling up in the richness of the moment.  So, as we open to this new season of harvest, I say it boldly and joyfully: Bring it on, Universe, all the feel-great abundance and joy and vibrancy!  Bring it on!!!












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