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Dance the Globe

Dance the Globe . . . and take a big scarf with you  

I had a brainstorm this week, and I acted on it.  What would it be like to have my favorite printer, Globe Printing, create a new business card for me?

A few months ago, I told my friend Penney, an artist who paints free and quirky, that I felt as though I could dance the globe, that my feet were that light, that I wanted to fly around this planet on my dancing feet telling my stories and rejoicing in the stories of others.  After yoga that night, she presented to me a gift, a watercolor painting of a purple and green globe with a glorious aqua-gowned figure dancing above it, around it, with her long arms extended to the sky, clutching the largest silkiest catching-the-wind scarf ever!  And the words:  Dance the Globe . . . and take a big scarf with you.  It was exuberant!  It was exactly how I felt.  Penney had painted my dream!

And three days ago, I brought it all to Globe, and voila!!!  New business cards!  Penney’s painting and words on the front.  And my dream job on the back: Helen Haskell Remien:  Storytelling Traveler.  This morning, I’m going to pick them up and I’m going to wear a big scarf!

Dance the Globe . . . and take a big scarf with you

Dancing the Globe by Penney Mellen

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