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Welcome to Helen of Joy


Welcome to Helen of Joy: Musings from the Joy Center!

I love to write!  I love to feel the pen move across the page in big loopy letters, the way it connects me to body and breath.  I love to unleash what wants to be freed on a certain day, at a certain place, perhaps at my desk, or outside in a chair, or plopped down on the Black Rocks on the shores of nearby Lake Superior or in a café in a town or state or country that is new to me.  I love to be surprised by the reflections, the insights, the spark of a story I didn’t even know was in there.  I love to read my writing out loud, to breathe breath and voice into the words.

I love the practice of writing, and it is a practice for me, one that has grounded and stretched me and brought me joy for nearly thirty years.  It is this practice, and the reflections that fly from heart and mind and body through pen and onto the page that I bring to this blog, and that I share with you, the reader.

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